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A Jazzy Little YouTube Video

April 5, 2010

So, In the continuing effort to get these posts up and running I’ve decided to share a few YouTube videos along the way. The video below is by a Japanese collective named Rinpa Eshidan. At just under 6 mins, it’s a bit of a commitment but the pleasures are great. Great art comes in a multitude of forms and it’s refreshing to see original art (performative nonetheless) residing on this platform. With over 2.5 million views, there is a growing fan base but I have yet to see them hit the American shores.

Having my degree in film making, I’m knocked out by the relatively simple and effective use of time lapse photography in evidence here. Those who label it animation or stop motion are sadly mistaken. As the title states, what we are witnessing is a week long process of painting and repainting the same panel. One week, compressed into 6 minutes. The class of the film happens at the gentle interuptions of  creativity, the horse walking through the frame, the policeman writing a ticket and the slash of erasing water.

I, for one, would gladly attend an event were this group were performing. I would probably return several times as well to trace the trajectory of the images. If you don’t like the music (which I have to admit can be grating at times) watch the video mute. It’s equally, if not more delightful.

  1. thea klapwald permalink

    I think this is an awesome video and art group. Thanks for bringing attention to it.

    • So cool that you like the video. Yes, Art Can be many things and can be found in the most unusual places. Stay tuned, I have more YouTube Truffles to share.
      Herr Müller

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