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Markus Raetz Video

August 23, 2010

In the Dog Days of Summer I offer you this exquisite little video of a kinetic sculpture by the great Swiss artist Markus Raetz. It’s a gift.

Raetz is a remarkable polymath doing drawings, paintings, installations and intelligent sculptures. His subject matter is perception and his work engages metaphors, language and methodologies of optical phenomena.

For those who may be scratching their heads, the piece is titled  (After Man Ray) and was executed in 2006. The two irregular cylinders  rotate giving the empty space between them the shape of a moving female dancer. My only wish is that I could put this 15 second video on an endless loop. He teaches us to keep looking and once you do, the world changes for the better. He is so much better known in Europe and it’s a shame that he has not had lasting champions here in the States. I remember seeing shows of his work in the 80’s at Farideh Cadot, a french Gallery in Soho and again at Brooke Alexander in the 90’s. There was a terrific retrospective at the New Museum, curated I believe by Marcia Tucker, but I can’t seem to find a link to it.

Here’s another piece that should act as an example of his inventiveness. A Drawing/Installation of a head made out of Eucalyptus leaves.

Markus Raetz at Monica De Cardenas Gallery in Milan Italy

Markus Raetz at Crown Point Press

  1. Bob White permalink

    The end of my day is so much better after watching this. Thank you Herr Muller. Thank you Markus Raetz. Kiki, it is I who waved at you from my CR-Z. You are welcome to ride shotgun anytime.

    • Bob,
      Delighted you liked it. And if this is Mid Life does that really mean there’s another 47 years to go?

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