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Sean Scully and Bacon

July 17, 2011

I lead my day-to-day routine with great pleasure. Having a three and a half-year old son means that I’m confronted with the artistic possibilities of just about everything. And unlike several parents I have spoken to, these aesthetic epiphanies are really nothing new. Rather they remind me that, as an artist, I never lost this desire to recreate my world in response to the wonderment of possibilities. I recognize myself in my young son’s sense of surrealistic wonder.

Bringing Home the Bacon
Bringing Home the Bacon

So I just wanted to share a couple of instances where my admiration of other artist’s work has infiltrated my daily routine (this is afterall part of the series titled Life Imitates Art.) A couple of months back I was cooking bacon and decided to arrange the strips (which I cut into shorter segments) in the frying pan in a more efficient way. A couple of moments later, pop, there was a Sean Scully motif bubbling away on the stove.

Sean Scully, Floating Red Wall, Oil on Canvas, 63 x 126 inches

I’ve admired Scully’s richly painted configurations for decades. He is one artist who, I can say with conviction, is as good a painter as he is a draughtsman and printmaker. Conservative to some, I maintain that his technical gifts coupled with a slow and patient evolution of theme over time make him a grandmaster of contemporary painting. I would urge you to seek his work out and let it work its subtle magic on you. The more you visually consume, the more you crave…prehaps like Chinese food…but that’s another story.

-Mario M. Muller, July 18th, 2011, Los Angeles

Sean Scully at LA Louvre

  1. Julie permalink

    This leads to myriad mouth-watering opportunities.

    • I’ve wanted to curate a food art exhibition for the last 15 years. Several artists have worked in food. My personal favorite is a bed made out of slices of white bread by Antony Gormely. Awesome! Will try to get an image of that.

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