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Amuse Bouche or Tickle my Aesthetic Palette

September 14, 2011

Now that Gordon Ramsay has become my life coach, I have vowed to veil all my articles about Contemporary Fine Art in culinary metaphors. For today I present an Amuse Bouche of sorts.

I’d like to offer you this nice interactive web project by an artist/designer Rafael Rozondaal (click HERE to activate a new web page display with his work, titled Towards and Beyond. The link will also appear at the end of this article if you wish to reap the couple of tips I offer.) As these couple of screen shots illustrate, the colorful geometric patterns afford a nice abstract excercise. Click on the center of the screen and one moves forward. Click on the right, top, bottom or left and the program moves you in each of these directions, changing the colors and the perspectival orientation that is elegantly and simply implied with receding lines.

The Web and more specifically Flash design, is a new medium and I must admit to being rather underwhelmed by most of what is offered. I like this execution for a couple of reasons. It’s ambition is restrained and intimate and it succeeds on those expectations. The purity of the color combinations are bright and poppy. And the simple, almost alchemical effect of space and depth that can be created by such straightforward means has a magic to it.

Two suggestions on the technical side: One, try switching to a full screen by going to your view menu and choosing full screen option. (Getting out usually only requires hitting the esc key.) The Full screen mode does change the dynamics by dominating the screen. Without the full screen option, it’s a little like seeing a film in a theater with the house lights still on. Two, try making a wide-screen of your browser window. The programming elegantly adjusts and again, it’s a different experience.

Addendum: Alas, this exercise is rendered unviewable with Ipads or Iphones since it runs on Flash. I’m quite convinced that these effects can and will be made possible with HTML5 which is supported by the Apple line of products.

Rozendaal’s official website is filled with other offerings, few with the elegance of the one I’m recommending. Most seem like one line visual jokes, none with any resonance whatsoever.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a special shout out to Hyperallergic for turning me on to the artist in the first place. Their daily New-York-centric arts coverage has been salient and amusing and a constant source of information about my former home base of Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Once again, click HERE to activate a new web page display with Rozendaal’s work, titled Towards and Beyond.

Mario M. Muller, September 14th, 2011, Los Angeles

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