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About the Publisher

Mario M. Muller has 29 years under his belt as an Artist, Curator and Dealer.  He generally knows what he likes.

As a painter and sculptor, he has had over 20 solo exhibitions on both coasts and several in the flyover states of Illinois, Kentucky, and Indiana. His most recent solo exhibition was titled UltraBlack at  Rudolph Blume Fine Art in Houston, TX. Before that Muller debuted a comprehensive retrospective at a Private Museum in southeastern Germany near the Czech border. His work is held in Fortune 500 companies including Twitter, Deutsche Bank, Radio Shack, Banana Republic, LG&E, National City Bank, and Pfizer to name a few.

Muller holds a degree in Film Making and Fine Art from Northwestern University where his primary mentor was Ed Paschke. He’s also attended master classes with Roy Lichtenstein, Wayne Thiebaud, Esteban Vicente and Elaine DeKooning.

Muller has been the recipient of numerous public and private commissions, the latest of which is an MTA Arts for Transit commission for 12 Glass Windscreen Panels for a subway station in the Bronx, New York. Muller’s Murals at the Louisville International Airport and the Kentucky Center for the Arts were early milestones to an ongoing impressive career. He is represented at Mary Ryan Gallery in New York City, Brenda Deemer Gallery in Louisville, KY and Rudolph Blume Fine Art in Houston, TX.

A born and bred New Yorker, Muller lives and works in Los Angeles with his wife and seven-year old son Wolfgang.

As a writer of cultural criticism, his subjects have been Painting, Photography and Film. His movie reviews  appeared regularly in several Mid-western publications in the 1990’s while his art criticism has been exclusively published in New York and Los Angeles.

Dovetailing neatly with his literary interests, Muller has curated a number of exhibitions for corporate, gallery and non-for-profit settings. Essays have accompanied most of his shows.

As a private dealer and art consultant he’s advised both institutional and private clients on the contemporary fine art scene and career trajectories. He is available for art centric tours of several cities and international art fairs.

And as an educator he has taught as a guest lecturer at School for the Visual Arts, Art Center, International Center for Photography, and The 92nd Street Y.

Professional Resume

Exhibition Resume

The Fine Art Mothership

  1. J Stirling permalink

    Great posts, you’ve got a good nose on you, Herr Muller!

    • Happy you’re reading and appreciating. I building a base and terribly proud you’re part of it.
      Herr Müller

  2. Thea Klapwald permalink

    Truffle on, my little piggie.

  3. pilar permalink

    Hi Mario.

    Long time no ….anything…I’d love to hear how you are. I believe I heard something about a child coming into your life. Congrats. I also heard, unfortunately, after the fact, that you had a show at Stephen Cohen. I would have loved to have the opportunity to bring some clients by and let then see your work as an installation. I know when I sold the large mural the installation really assisted the client’s decision making.

    Let me know how you are. I’m off to the the East Coast soon but at some point we’ll have to get together.

    • Pilar!!!!
      How goes it? Yes lets reconnect soon. I plowing the fields fallow as they may be right now. Shall shoot you an email right now. How did you find the blog? I’m thrilled to see you here. Tell your friends!
      Cheers, MMM

  4. SEHR Geehrter Herr Muller,
    That’s one awesome truffle. Ich danke Dir.

  5. chris bailey permalink

    Love the blog! Keep up the good work. Love the tour of LA Galleries.

  6. Grey Herr Muller,
    Your posts are splendid. I’d expect no less.

    • Grey is right! Let’s hope that indexes wisdom.
      Keep tuning in and do tell your friends.
      Happy to have you on board.

  7. mary permalink

    You are rockin’ the art world one eye at a time, boyo! But, oh, what an eye… such great fun to gallery-hop with you, as you provide insight, wit and a sparkle of wisdom to all you see.
    + rock on +

  8. Richard Schuler permalink

    Hey Mario!
    Cool blog! I look forward to checking out your posts. Great to chat last week. We shall cross paths at a point in the near future and trace our dashed-line zig-zag paths that led us from L’ville to LA-ville.
    Till then!

  9. Mr. Muller,
    Glad I stumbled upon your blog 🙂 I enjoy your analyses and writing style, and your experience with painting is evident and legitimizes your critiques.
    Lucas Aardvark Novak

  10. Barb Kaplan permalink

    Great meeting you today Mario. Can’t wait to start reading your blog. BTW although we touched on Chicago I didn’t mention that what started my art obsession were the Chicago Imagists…I no longer have my Paschke but wish I did…

    • Ed Was my primary advisor while at NU and he remained a great friend and unbelievable supporter throughout our long friendship. I miss him dearly. Yes it was great chatting with you and I’ll make sure to let you know when the Hirst-a-palooza post goes live.-Mario

  11. Dear Mario,
    Cant wait to see you in Weiden, Bavaria in July.
    Have a safe trip! Ana

  12. Mr. Muller, I am looking for a way to contact you offline concerning a previous project you completed in Kentucky. Is there an email address you can send me? I filled in my email address below. Thank you!- Christian

  13. dan fauci permalink

    Years ago a friend gave me a drawing of yours Joy #18 1990 Thanks

    • Thanks Dan for writing! It’s a beautiful Painting. A little jewel. That friend must have been Katrina! My love for her knows no bounds. Have some great installation pictures of the exhibit Joy and Consolation from 1990. Will have to post those sometime. If you’re on Instagram follow me at @truffleHunting same for Twitter. Mothership wedsite is Cheers, Mario

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